NASA Spec E30 Roadracing

Spec E30 is a National Auto Sport Association(NASA) racing series devoted to non-M, BMW E30 3-series sedans and coupes. Specific models include 1985 to 1991 325i and 325is variants. Modifications to the cars are very limited and use specified required components. The intent of SpecE30 is to provide a highly competitive, affordable, fun, and safe racing series that showcases driver’s skills as well as the spec component manufacturers, distributors and dealers. SpecE30 competes on Toyo Tires and racers qualify for Toyo contingencies. Race cars can easily be bought used or built for under $12,000.


The rules for SpecE30 are very simple and straightforward. Basically, the engines and drivetrains remain stock with a mandated Spec Exhaust. Suspensions are upgraded for racing conditions using spec parts; race springs, shocks, camber plates and aftermarket sway bars. All SpecE30 race cars currently use the Toyo RR as the spec series tire. SpecE30 race cars are required to meet a minimum weight and all are required to have NASA approved safety upgrades such as roll cages, window nets, race seats and harnesses. See NASA Club Codes and Regulations for minimum safety requirements.

We are looking forward to yet another great season of Spec E30 roadracing. Thanks for your support and see you at the track!